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the ‘Directory String Validation’ status update and Github nightmares

August 3, 2012

Alright, just a quicky this time.  My directory string validation library (checkdir) is pretty well finished, at least finished for what I need it for.  I have the four functions I described earlier up and running along with example code and a readme that should really help people get use out of it.  There can be more added but until there is a need, I will move onto other projects.

I spent far too long figuring out how to upload it to github.  First off, I had to get github working on my Linux drive.  Unfortunately the github tutorials only address what happens when everything goes right.  Adding an ssh public key was a bit of a pain but another guide helped me.  I won’t go over that issue since it should really be trivial.

The major issue I had was when i had typed in “git remote add origin” into the terminal when I should have typed it with a .git rather than .py… Pushing the repo to github always failed with an error message that seems to be a ‘catch all’.  Finally I found some information on stackoverflow that helped me.

I went to checkdir/.git/config to confirm that I misstyped the address. When I discovered that I found that if I type “git remote rm origin” into terminal it will remove the address and I can start again. After that I’ve had no issue. Horray!
Check it out:

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